Wreck Removal with Hydraulic Pulling Jacks---Wreck Removal of m.v. Chang Tong


Light weight:7565T;


Background Information: Following a collision with a 60000 dwt containership, Chang Tong broke into two parts and sank off the 2# anchorage in Yantai, China.

Casualty condition: the ship broke into two parts, with a large amount of oil onboard the aft section, and was buried about 8.5m in the seabed;

Removal of the bow section: the section was refloated in July 2008 with a combination of internal buoyancy provided by patching and pumping of relevant compartments, and external buoyancy provided by pontoons.

Removal of the stern section: the 76 m long stern section with a weight of 6000 tons (not including adhesive force) buried about 8.5m in the seabed was lifted and removed by hydraulic pulling jacks installed on two barges. Specifically, two barges were deployed on each side of the wreck with 28 hydraulic pulling jacks installed on each barge ( the SWL of every jack is 450 tons and a salvage force of 12600 tons could be provided in total) and 14 steel wires were placed underneatth the wreck to connect up the 28 jacks to lift the stern section from the seabed.