Installation of Jiangsu Xiangshui 220KV booster station at sea

From October 3rd to October 20th 2015, during the 17 days, we finished the installation of Xiangshui booster station at sea. As a new important operating market, wind-electric market has attracted much attention from all parties. This project was the first time we took part in as the main contractor to do booster station shipment, sea transportation and installation at sea, and it was the first time we took Defu 3600 as the main working ship. The success of the project depended on scientific plan making and sufficient preparation. It showed the advantage and excellent performance of Defu 3600 in large item lifting operation, and the good cooperation between Dejie, Debin, Defu 3600 and other vessels.

Xiangshui booster station project was the first step we entered the marine wind-electric market, since then we had step into the highest technical field of marine construction, and it provided precious experience for future lifting and installation of sea wind turbine. The success of the project enhanced the cooperation between Yantai Salvage and the owners, and won good social reputation for us.