Decommissioning of two platforms in Jinzhou,China

The project of disassembling of Jinzhou JZ21-1WHPA/JZ20-2SW platform and the disposal of relevant pipes and wires started on July 8th 2014 and ended on September 13th 2014 which lasted 68 days, all the work according to the plan had been finished. We were in charge of the disassembling at sea, marine transportation, disassembling on land and transportation on land of Jinzhou 21-1WHPA and Jinzhou 20-2SW platform. This project included earlier stage detection, calculations and analysis, making operation plan, operation at sea and disassembling on land. Operation at sea consisted of modules disassembling, offshore jackets disassembling, expansion disassembling, sea pipes disposal on site, electrical wires disposal on site, and etc.

This project is the first disassembling case of offshore jacket wellhead platform in China, the formulating of disassembling plan and the successful implementation of the plan showed our courage of “dare to be pioneer” and the ability of working in offshore engineering fields. From this project, we had accumulated precious engineering experience,and started to exploit the offshore platform decommissioning market at home and abroad.