Searching and Rescuing in sunken pleasure-boat at Sichuan Guangyuan

On June 4th 2016, a pleasure-boat "Chuanguangyuanke1008" capsized and sank at Bailong Lake scenic spot of Sichuan Guangyuan, it caused a major safety accident with 1 death and 14 lost. According to the survey, the water of sunken boat was very deep, nearly 69m, and the deepest surrounding water reached 100m, greatly beyond the 60m limit of air diving, normal rescue forces had no idea to help at all.

After the accident, Yantai Salvage responded actively to the call of the state, followed the command of the M.O.T (Ministry of Transportation), quickly established a rescue team with 23 staff, including technicians, divers, diving doctors, and rushed to the spot urgently in batches lead by deputy director general Dai Houxing. From June 9th to June 12th, the diving team dived for 22 times, worked in water for more than 110 hours in total, salvaged 11 dead bodies, fully accomplished the rescue assignment, created a new record in deep diving rescue of China, and gave full play to the mainstay role of national professional rescue and salvage team.