ShengLi Oilfield Business

Since established,Yantai Salvage has providedvarious of rescue and salvage、marine engineering、heavy module hoisting, diving operations and many other servicesserviceforSheng Li Oilfield, these service including underwater non-destructive testing of platform legs,Life support service,Platform and jacketshipping&transportation & installation,submarine pipe and cable laying and maintenance, pile piling work and so on.

In the 80s of last century, China's offshore oilfield development business was in its infancy stage, with the national economic development speeding up and the demand for energygrowing,the  offshore oil platform construction pace began to accelerate. To take this opportunity, the 350 tons full rotation multipurpose engineering ship"ZhifuDao" of Yantai Salvage successfully entered into life support service market of Sheng Li Oilfield offshore oil platformdevelopmentin 1994.During the cooperation period of last 30 years, Yantai Salvage Bureau had made full use of its rich experience in offshore construction and expanded its business with ShengLi Oilfield to rescue salvage, marine engineering, heavy equipment hoisting, diving operations and other fields,these cooperation had created considerable economic and social benefits.

In recent years, Yantai Salvage take advantage ofthe expansion of its own fleet, successively contracted the first and second stage of “Zhao Dong”project, “XiuCai 1”platform translocation project, “Center 3” platform hoisting project,“Operation 3”platform salvage project, CB32-5 and EDC platform life support (owner is Sheng Li Oil Construction), EDC platform offshore installation, CB6G / CB6F / SH201 platform and jackets shipping &transportation & installation project and other representative projects.